Converseren in het Caraibs

This course is written by Nowilia Tawjoeram- Sabajo and Bernadetta Awatjale . It is in three languages, Dutch , English and Carib, and a CD is added with the text to make learning easier. Published on 9 February , 2009 in Suriname which is country in South America. It belongs to the Caribbean, where the official language is Dutch, because it is a former Dutch colony. Now it is a republic , with a population of about 500,000. There are several ethnic groups living peacefully together. There is ethnic tolerance among the groups and harmony. This country can really be regarded as a small paradise because of the nation’s hospitality, the intermarriages, thus melting cultures, the soil’s fertility, the forest that is still pure in many areas, and a lot more.

Among these cultures we have the natives, called Amerindians , by Columbus. This group is divided into several tribes, of which one is the Caribs or Karinja’s. They live in different parts in the country and their language is influenced by Dutch, French, and the pidgin language called Sranan-Tongo. Many youngsters go to school and are educated in a European language, which is not bad, but this affects all cultures and thus the mother tongues, resulting in slowly forgetting the own language.

Different organizations try to stop this situation. One is a beauty pageant, held every year, in which the participants have to speak one of the Amerindian languages. I, Nowilia Tawjoeram-Sabajo have been in the jury for five successive years and had to listen to languages I did not understand, but which I still admired. This encouraged me to start learning the languages. I had to start somewhere, and met Mrs. Bernadetta Awatjale who was immediately willing to support me in this. We met several afternoons, and I wrote down what she taught me, until I got the idea to collect all I had written in a book ,so other people could learn too. That is how the idea started developing. I got help from several people whom I’m really thankful to. Without their support the book would not have been what it is now.

It is meant for all people who love our beautiful country Suriname and its cultures. Even people outside our borders can make good use of it.

The book "Converseren in het Caraibs"

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