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We live in Suriname, A country situated in the northern part of South America, that has a beautiful tropical climate with a vast rainforest. This rainforest provides us, the population, with lots of fruits, wood, medicinal plants or herbs,  game,  birds, fish in swamps, creeks and rivers, many ores, like gold, alumina, iron. The forest provides crafters with lots of seeds, and other natural materials. In the interior, we as inhabitants, and tourists find peace and quietness to relax. Ecotourism,as it is referred to, enables humans become one with nature. In and around the capital, different hotels, motels and apartments can be rented, so tourists can stay and enjoy the beautiful city of Paramaribo. Here you can get acquainted with the multicultural population, that lives peacefully and respects one another’s culture (religion, customs, language, dancing , etc.). The food of the different groups is what all tourists will always remember. If you don’t believe this, listen to the popular Trinidadian singer Mighty Sparrow who acknowledges this in his song about Suriname.

Nowilia Tawjoeram-Sabajo

I am Nowilia Sabajo and currently I am a teacher. I teach at English at a middle school. I really enjoy my job teaching children about the language and about pursuing their dreams.

Bernadette Awatjale

Bernadette Awatjale werd geboren op 10 juni 1952 in het dorp Bigi Ston, in het district Marowijne. Ze heeft haar jeugd daar doorgebracht en heeft er gewoond tot haar 26ste jaar.Daarna verhuisde ze naar Albina en vervolgens naar Paramaribo. Momenteel is ze woonachtig in het district Wanica.



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